Mzvee Confirmed Dating With Kofi Kinaata

Mzvee Confirmed Dating With Kofi Kinaata

MzVee, one of Ghana’s most popular female artists, has quietly admitted that she is dating Kofi Kinaata, a fellow artist.
When questioned about Kofi Kinaata in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, MzVee talked highly of him.
Every time they speak on the phone, MzVee claims that Kofi Kinaata makes her giggle and always puts her in a good mood.
She continued by saying that she always relishes their extended conversations. Abeiku Santana enquired about her relationship with him as a result.

Kofi Kinaata admitted to having a crush on MzVee a few years back.

While posting a picture of MzVee to show her off, the Sweetie Pie composer admitted that he is drawn to her for her straightforwardness and goodness.
Kofi Kinaata did not waste any time when asked in an interview who MzVee would be his favorite celebrity to date or kiss.

Following his “clash” with comedy actor Lawyer Nti for trying to pass him on the path to MzVee’s heart, Kinaata wrote a love note days later.

MzVee’s latest expression of admiration for Kofi Kinaata is evidence that they are dating.

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