All you need to know about Mohbad – Original meaning of his name, his childhood and family struggles

All you need to know about Mohbad – Original meaning of his name, his childhood and family struggles

Late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, professionally known as Mohbad, was a former signee of Marlian Music, a record label owned by Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley in the showbiz world. He got the name “Mohbad”, which is an acronym for “Bright and Destined”, after he recorded a song and was praised for his excellence. However, Mohbad left Marlian Music in 2022 in an unfriendly manner, after he had accused the label of physically abusing him and being after his life.

The name “Imole” holds deep meaning that symbolizes the radiant light he brought into the world. Mohbad’s musical journey began with a desire to make a difference, inspired by his love for music and his father’s influence. Despite his untimely passing, his legacy lives on through his music and the impact he had on those who knew him.

Early exposure to music

Mohbad was born on the streets of Oke-Iletu, Ikorodu, Lagos State. He created a unique place in the hearts of his community and it was there that the early chapters of his life were written. Through the bustling streets, Mohbad pursued his dreams and aspirations of a young boy. His father’s involvement in music opened the door to this serendipitous moment.

A family friend eventually introduced Mohbad to a potential opportunity in the music industry, offering him N30,000 for a studio recording session. Aloba, Mohbad’s father, who was a musician himself, was a fundamental part of his son’s musical journey. Residents fondly remembered him as “Omo Oba”, the son of a man deeply rooted in his musical craft.

Although Mohbad’s father wanted to be the one to compose songs for him, Mohbad refused, due to the bright future he envisioned for himself. Nevertheless, the two still kept a good relationship and they even sang the “I Will Exalt You Lord” song together.

Educational journey

Mohbad’s educational journey was filled with challenges and resilience. After experiencing a hiatus from schooling due to financial constraints, he eventually returned to complete his secondary education. His determination led him to pursue a higher education in Accounting.

He started schooling at Upper Hand Nursery and Primary School in Sasa, Lagos. After completing his primary education, he attended Starey School, Lagos. When his family relocated to the Oke-Iletu community, Ikorodu, in 2009, Mohbad was unable to continue his education or attend any school due to a lack of money.

In 2013, Aloba reenrolled Mohbad in Abifab College, Ikorodu. In 2015, Mohbad wrote the National Examination Council Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and passed in one sitting. The proprietor and principal of Abifab College, Ikorodu, Abidemi Faboye, described him as an easygoing person.

How did Mohbad get connected with Naira Marley?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Mohbad is how he connected with the famous musician, Naira Marley. Some speculate that the help of a woman played a role in introducing him to Naira Marley, while others believe it was a result of his talent and persistence.

What is known is that Mohbad’s connection to Naira Marley played a pivotal role in his music career. On December 30, 2020, a year after he joined the label, Mohbad took to his X (formerly Twitter) account to express his excitement about being signed into Marlian Music and also thanked Naira Marley for believing in him.

The burial controversy

Mohbad’s swift burial raised eyebrows within the community and the nation at large, resulting in speculations and questions about whether there was more to the story.

A few days after Mohbad’s death, a video of a man went viral on social media. The man, who claimed to be a Baale, alleged that Aloba planned to hold a midnight funeral on the same day of his son’s passing, but he disagreed with such an idea. The man, who did not mention his name in the viral video, added that he voiced his dissatisfaction with the planned course of action and made it clear that a midnight burial wouldn’t take place.

Reacting to the claim, Aloba said nothing of such ever happened, as he had neither had such a plan or conversation with the said man. The deceased was described as a simple and modest individual. Aloba explained that

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