I have tattoos everywhere including my ‘distin’ – Soon to die lady brags

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A tattoed woman has hit back at hatters who dislike and have criticized her ink.

Rachel who works as a permanent makeup artist and trainer in Huntington beach, California, took to TikTok to express how she felt.

She made a video in a hot pink triangle bikini to show off all of her body art, which ranges from her neck all the way down her legs.
The swimsuit straps were also transparent, leaving little to the imagination.

Rachel wore her blonde tresses of hair in two space buns and let two loose strands dangle down in front of her face.

She donned natural makeup and showed off her cheek piercings, which had just a simple silver stud in.

She wrote on the actual clip: ‘I don’t like heavily tattooed girls,’ which mimicked what trolls would say to her.

Rachel then mouthed the words: ‘Okay…bye,’ as she gave a cheeky wink and wave to the haters.
One of the tattoos on her lower stomach featured a snakeheaded woman, reminiscent of the Medusa a gorgon in Greek mythology.

As she said that, Rachel turned around to show off the body art she has on her back and thighs.
She has two sleeves of tattoos, along with an owl on her thigh.


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