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Kwaku chillz – Bees & honey ft chiki Africa( j bixil)

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Finally ,we released a sensational tune “bees and honey by kwaku chillz featuring chiki Africa.

Introducing the latest release from the talented Ghanaian musician, Kwaku Chills, marking his debut of the year with the track titled “Bees and Honey,” featuring renowned Ghanaian rapper, Chicki Africa, with production by J BIXIL.

Drawing a parallel between the sweetness of honey and the dynamics of relationships, Kwaku Chills suggests that just as bees create honey, relationships can sometimes revolve around financial gain, particularly in the current economic climate in Ghana. He highlights the trend of individuals seeking financial security through relationships, equating it to the symbiotic relationship between bees and honey.

In the second part of the song, Chicki Africa delivers rap verses echoing Kwaku Chills’ sentiments about the interplay between women and money. He emphasizes the perceived absence of true love, suggesting that genuine affection should endure through both prosperous and challenging times.

Unlike conventional tracks, “Bees and Honey” serves as a poignant reminder to the youth, urging them to be discerning in their choice of partners and relationships.

Excited to give it a listen? Dive into the track below and share your thoughts with us.

Kwaku chillz – Bees & honey ft chiki Africa( j bixil)

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