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Ken Agyapong reveals what he told Akufo-Addo that shocked him

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Kennedy Agyapong, a candidate for New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, has acknowledged not having earned a government contract since 2021.

Party officials have often accused Agyapong of profiting from government contracts while criticizing it when he is dissatisfied.
However, he claimed in an interview with Kessben TV (September 18) that just one contract with the Energy Ministry was ultimately revoked after he came close to obtaining it.

Those going around that Kennedy Agyapong has been given contracts, I met president and told him that from 2021, all that I have done for the NPP, I haven’t gotten any contract. He said ‘what?

Ask NAPO, even at the energy ministry where I am strong (as Ghana Gas Board Chair), I was given a contract that was torpedoed at the Central Tender Review Committee,” Agyapong lamented.

He reiterated that he is the subject of intimidation, blocking of his businesses and everything, “I have kept quiet. I insist that since we came into power… ask NAPO, when I met the old man and told him, he was shocked,” he added.

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