After meeting Shatta Wale in person at Pure FM, a delighted security guy passes out. – VIDEO

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A security officer working at the Pure FM studios in Kumasi has caused a stir oon social media when it was claimed that he pass out when he saw Shatta Wale in person. The ecstatic man was so shocked to see shatta wale that he collapsed in shocked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing  which many have critised as a drama scenario and phony.

The security guard’s response to meeting Shatta Wale in person on his visit to the Pure FM studios in Kumasi for an interview caused quite stir online. Given the fan’s overwhelming response, some online users have even compared Shatta Wale to Ghana’s Michael Jackson. Others contend that the incident was manufactured and unimportant, as shown in the video.

Over the years, Shatta Wale has gathered one of the greatest and most devoted fan groups in Ghana. His music has not only inspired his fans, but also his charisma as person. The incident prompts people to evaluate which celebrities they have crush on and whether they would behave similarly if they actually met them.

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