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Sending Children to a School with a Theocracy Complex

It was once said that the unexpected tortie sprinted and defeated Antelope, becoming the forest’s quickest runner. In fact, when Antelope saw King Tortice on the throne, he was ashamed and unable to challenge the officials. Could members of the Congregation of Theocracy face this on judgment day if they are shown and questioned for not preferring the Theocracy Complex Schools to the schools of this world? – Psalm 137:5-6 (KJV).

Q1. At Mount Sinai, what did God say to the Israelites about their sons and daughters? Deuteronomy 11:19


God and Christ Jesus wish that people who fear Him and understand His plan of salvation teach His laws and ordinances to His descendants. How can children understand the plan of salvation if they are sent to Gentle Schools and taught by people who are ignorant of God’s law, the true Christ Jesus, the true Holy Spirit, and the Temple Ordinance? It’s not possible.

Q2. Who are the children of those who fear and obey the Almighty God’s Commandments? Mal 2:14-15, Psalm 127:3-5.


The prophetic Scriptures declare that children are the Almighty God’s only and real inheritance. As a result, God told our forefathers at Mount Sinai to educate their sons and daughters in line with the Law, the Testimony, and business principles so that they would reflect God’s image and glory – Matt 5:48.

Q3. As Yahweh’s descendants, what kind of training should parents give to their own sons and daughters? Proverbs 22:6


Education and Training for a Sustainable Future: The Education of our Sons and Daughters is unquestionably more essential than anything else in the world. The phrase “if they grow that they may not wander from it” demonstrates how essential our Sons and Daughters’ education is to God and the Congregation of Theocracy. Education and training must educate and empower our children in the socioeconomic world so that they might profit physically and spiritually on earth and in the future, as promised by Christ Jesus in John 14:1-3.


Q4. Which notable people have been educated and trained according to the Almighty God’s instructions? 1:80 and 2:52 in Luke.

True, John the Baptist and Jesus the Messiah, as well as others, received the material and spiritual education and training that made them God’s and humanity’s tools. Christ Jesus is considered to have achieved favor with both God and man. They (John the Baptist, Christ Jesus, and others) could not have acquired the utmost spirituality unless they had been trained in the school of the Prophets, or by those who know and understand the plan of Salvation.


Q5. What happened after the Jews abandoned the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem? Were they chastised and told to rebuild the Temple by the Almighty God? . Hagai 1:8

Hmm, the Jewish Community on Earth had abandoned the Plan of Salvation and Education. They had lost confidence in Yahweh as they pursued the treasures of this perilous world. As a result, the Almighty God chastised them and ordered the reconstruction of the Temple they had abandoned. Can we make a comparison between the Jewish Temple and the defunct Theocracy Complex School? Absolutely. God now compels all theocrats to remember their sins, repent, and perform what God requires on the last day – Rev 2:5.

Jews who returned to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple were supported by Jews who remained when King Cyrus authorized the restoration of the Jerusalem Temple in BC 538. In addition, Jews who returned to Palestine after World War 11 have continued to get support from fellow Jews in the United States and Europe. Members of theocracy who send their children to other schools may be able to contribute to Theocracy Complex School. Consider and donate to our Theocracy Complex School’s development and prosperity – Matt 12:30.

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