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The Sixteen Unknown Health Benefits Of Pawpaw Seed

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The Papaya Seed)

List of Ailments Treated By Papaya Seed.

1) It cures Typhoid Fever

2) It Cures Liver Disease

3) It Cures Stomach Ulcer

4) Protect the Digestive System & Improve Intestinal Health.

5) It helps Your Digestive System

6) It Will Help in Your Body Detox.

7) It Rejuvenates your skin. Papaya Seed Regenerate Dead Skin Cells Hence Maintain The Beauty of The Skin.

Make Your Bones Stronger.

9) Prevent Aging.

10) Cure Eye Disorder

11) Increase Appetite for Food

12) Fertility. Papaya Seed Increase Sperm Production for a Man and Help Fertility of The Eggs for Women.

13) Prevent Kidney Disease.

14) Minimize Menstrual Pain for Women

15) Minimize The Risk of Cancer.

16) Rid Your Body-off Parasites.
The Seed of the Papaya)

A list of ailments that papaya seed can help with.

1) It is effective in the treatment of typhoid fever.

2) It Helps to Heal Liver Disease

3) It Helps to Heal Stomach Ulcers

4) Improve Intestinal Health and Protect the Digestive System

5) It is beneficial to your digestive system.

6) It will aid in the detoxification of your body.

7) It helps to rejuvenate the skin. Papaya Seeds Regenerate Dead Skin Cells, Keeping Your Skin Beautiful.

Increase the strength of your bones.

9) Delay the onset of aging.

10) Get Rid of Eye Problems

11) Boost Your Food Appetite

Fertility is number 12 on the list. Papaya Seeds Help Fertility in Women’s Eggs and Increase Sperm Production in Men.

13) Keep Kidney Disease at bay.

14) Assist Women in Reducing Menstrual Pain

15) Reduce Your Cancer Risk.

16) Get Rid of Parasites in Your Body.

What Is The Best Way To Use Pawpaw Seed In A Treatment (Papaya Seed)


Seeds of the Pawpaw (Dried)

Lemon/Lime Juice


In a blender or mortar & pestle, grind (dried) papaya seeds.

Combine with freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice.

The more dried papaya seeds you have, the more lime/lemon juice you should use.


For 30 days, drink this Papaya Seed twice a day.

I have a cup of coffee in the morning before you eat.

I drink a cup of tea before going to bed.

Beauty Suggestions.

Honey + extra virgin olive oil = moisturizer for the skin
Honey + brown sugar = exfoliant for the face and body
Lip exfoliator (Vaseline + White Sugar)
Anti-reddening facial with egg yolk and lemon juice
Rice water + lemon juice = toner for the face
Only raw honey = facial mask
Pink lips = Rosewater + Beetroot juice OR Carrot juice + Beetroot juice naturally
Wrinkles remedy: palm oil + honey + turmeric powder (optional) OR vitamin A oil
Remedy for dark knuckles: lemon juice + honey
Scrub for dark neck: sugar, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil
Dark spot eradication using turmeric powder, milk, and lemon juice
Cleopatra Bath = Milk + Honey
Honey + red onions Equals hair growth
Honey and a hot bath equals dry skin.
Liquid Facial wash made with castile soap, honey, and glycerin
Dandruff killer = fermented rice water.

Turmeric, lemon, cucumber, orange, papaya, aloe vera, honey, yogurt, carrot, milk, and other skin lightening agents include: turmeric, lemon, cucumber, orange, papaya, aloe vera, honey, yogurt, carrot, milk, and others.
Dark thighs fader = coconut oil + lemon juice
Body odor remedy: baking soda + lemon juice
Hair breakage remedy: avocado, banana, and almond oil
Aloe vera, coconut oil + lemon juice, and honey = mild burn remedies
Turmeric powder is made by peeling, washing, boiling, cutting, drying, and grinding turmeric.
Sagging skin = egg whites
Stretch mark cream: Aloe vera gel + extra virgin olive oil + vitamin E oil + vitamin A oil
Pink lips balm made with carrots, olive oil, almond oil, and honey.
Hair growth oil = extra virgin olive oil + ginger oil
Acne remedy: Aloe gel + Turmeric powder + Honey + Milk + Rosewater
Cucumber juice combined with lime juice equals oily skin.
Dry skin = beeswax + honey + olive oil.

Natural makeup remover = extra virgin olive oil OR virgin coconut oil
Sunburn remedy: rosewater, lemon juice, and glycerin
Cellulite remover: Apple Cider Vinegar + Water
Breast firming mask: yogurt + vitamin E oil + fenugreek oil + egg
Dull skin remedy: apple cider vinegar + mineral water + aspirin tablets
Acne scars = lemon juice + plain yogurt + honey + egg white
Unwanted hair = Turmeric + Milk or Water
Mouth odor remedy: lemon juice + salt
Water + Fenugreek powder = Breast Enlargement
Teeth whitener: turmeric, baking soda, and coconut oil
Honey + activated charcoal Equals dark underarms (instant result)

Dark knees/elbows = lemon juice + honey OR lemon juice + coconut oil
Glycerin, coconut oil, and olive oil = cracked feet
Coconut oil (organic extra virgin) = Moisturizer
Acne-clearing face mask made with lemon juice, honey, and egg white
Blackhead removal (baking soda + mineral water).
% Herbal Roots Provides 28 Health Benefits.

Reduces the Risk of Blood Vessel Inflammation
Heartbeat is stabilized.
It contains fatty acids, which help to prevent cancer.
Contains less saturated fat than beef and is relatively high in protein.
Selenium and Chlorine, which aid to prevent cancer, are found in this product.
Aids in the prevention of anemia
Promotes the production of hemoglobin, which is beneficial to blood circulation.
Prevents the birth of a child with a defect
PMS Symptoms are Reduced (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
Stress Reduction is Beneficial
Aids in the prevention of depression
Omega 3 Fatty Acids are found in this product.
Potassium and sodium levels are both low.
Balances Cholesterol Levels and is Good for Bones
Obesity Risk is Reduced
Iron is present.
Enhances the sexuality of men
Beneficial to the Body’s Metabolism
Immunity Controls are Enhanced Blood sugar has anti-aging properties and is beneficial to the skin and hair.
Promotes the development of the brain by a certain percentage Autism Can Be Treated Effectively With Herbal Roots.

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