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Sethoo Gh donates for SEM MUSIC FUNS

The Americana Sethoo Gh who’s a Renowned international hip-hop artist and songwriter in collaboration with the Star Eye Music “SEM MUSIC” has donated for the SEM MUSIC FUNS UNION towards the fight of the current Coronavirus pandemic which has tremendously affected the global businesses, administration, management and has overwhelmingly collapsed the importations and exportations of goods and services worldwide



The most sensational and influential hip-hop artist and songwriter Sethoo Gh together with the “Star Eye” has shocked his funs and followers with such surprise including thousands of convid19 pandemic protection gadgets for the “SEM MUSIC FUNS UNION” situated within the Regional suburbs led by the Director General of the “STAR EYE MUSIC” namely, Mr Akwasi Bright Ankomah with the significant impact of supporting the “SEM MUSIC FUNS AND FOLLOWERS” Nationwide towards fighting against the convid19 pandemic.

The SEM MUSIC funs and followers were shocked for this offer delivered by Sethoo Gh , the Director General” Mr Akwasi Bright Ankomah and the SEM MUSIC

We gets more and more trendy news concerning the hip-hop Super star Sethoo Gh and the SEM MUSIC to share with you

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