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The Ghanaian musician “Kayah bu” who’s traditionally
recognized with the African cultural concepts accomplished with regard to traditions and cultural aspects stressed towards the positive importation of Ghanaian cultural heritage with the emphasis of his lyrics accommodated by his music with the priority of securing the enhancement of advanced education of African cultural aspects and Ghanaian traditions respectively .

According to Kayah bu” the exploitation of Western culture by neglecting the Ghanaian and African traditions and cultural concepts by the youth nowadays has negatively impacted on the youth with emphasis to dressing, decency,our traditions and the disregard for Ghanaian cultural impacts

The Patriotic Ghanaian music legend “Kayah bu” furthermore expressed  bitterly on the neglected made in Ghana goods with the negative perceptions that  productivity of Ghanaian goods and services are downgraded to the preferences of western goods and services with an exclusive interview with “radio universe”

He significantly urged the youth of our generation to positively accept our culture and traditions to foreign or western traditions thereby enhancing the better administration and governmental actualization goals of Ghanaian culture, traditions, and productivity to be internationally recognized

Ghana is blessed with innumerable powerful culture and tradions including our clothes, productive natural resources which can be exploited to boost vehement productivity of goods and services to enhance the economical growth and maturity with the Ghanaian culture and traditions

He therefore urged the Ghanaian leaders to encourage the youth to regard the Ghanaian culture and accept the made in Ghana goods

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