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Daily Archives: May 21, 2018

Julius Fakta – Shuku (Official Video)

The Popular Dance With Peter Season One Icon “JuliuS FaKta” few week after he dropped his latest Single “Shuku” (HappY Yourself), he is back again with the official video. He States This Song is Meant To Elevate Any Soul That Is Worried And Also Revive The Hope Of A Better …

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The Clovers Crew – Gimme Love

The Clovers Crew [Tosty Otion, Dinni Berry and Ohenewaa] from The 90s Clovers Inc with Grand Business Gang to release their first Song “Gimme Love”. The 90sBadBoi Rapper [Dinni Berry] did an amazing work with the Two Finest Singers’ Tosty Otion and Ohenewaa. Their dancehall, reggae-pop, HipHop and R&B song lyrically …

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