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My new single ROKOTO is not just for entertainment purposes but also to promote culture among others-MIKEY JOE

The word ‘ROKOTO’ means HUSTLE, or to hustle. But the origin of ROKOTO is an
Ewe term from Ghana. At some typical Ewe hoods in the Volta region of Ghana,
ROKOTO is commonly used in speeches to address when talking about everyday life
struggle (HUSTLE life living). Indeed, the word ‘ROKOTO’ as understood by few
typical Voltarians in Ghana, is not widely understood by others not to talk of
many Voltarians as well.
With this, the controversial artiste MIKEY JOE has decided to echo it out
through his music to reach others out there across the globe. For those who are
ignorant of the word to use it properly, and those who don’t know it at all can
also begin using it to make simple and short sentences in their daily speeches.
ROKOTO, formally has been in an existence long ago in the olden days. But
currently, the word has vanished from the system and many of us in this modern
day have no idea about it.
The motive behind releasing the song ROKOTO is not just for entertainment
purposes but, to help retrieved and learn lost words. Also, to promote culture
among others.
The word ‘ROKOTO’ is an Ewe term meaning ‘HUSTLE’.
‘ROKOTO’ is an afrobeat tune done by Mikey Joe. The song is purely an
inspirational song which conveys good thoughts to every listener. The song is a
catalyst for boosting the morale of every individual. Looking at our daily
activities, it’s very difficult for some people to make an earns meat. Some use
negative ways to earn. Others toil and hustle to earn through good ways.
The song is therefore nourished to battle that bad ideas people think to
become successful in life. The controversial singer Mikey Joe who sang the
chorus and verse of the song….came in with an embattled punch lines in
melodious illusions, and agonies of hustling in every life living in the verse
part of the song. In his chorus of the song, he emphasis again by stating it
clear that, for nothing comes easy in life. So, for you to become successful in
life you need to hustle and hustle (work, work and work harder in life)
The multiple award winner and hits maker of ‘brighter day’, ‘toboli, and
many others, Hans Bekx on the other hand, came in with a sweet embattled huck
and rhymes punch lines. He elaborated on the profits of hustling. Stating life
differences between a hustle and an ideal but short success maker with their
life remedies.
Thereafter, Mikey Joe came in again with his embattled verses and chorus.
‘Rokoto’ is a must listening tune which can keep you dancing nonstop and
I recommend ROKOTO for you as the best hits song of our time.
Enjoy the happiest moment with ROKOTO, and enjoy to the fullest.

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